How to do Laundry on Vacation


Traveling doesn't mean you need to bring home dirty laundry.

Going on a trip should mean getting away from the daily routines of life, but depending on how long you’re away and where you go, there’s one chore that may follow you on vacation: laundry.

Doing laundry on vacation isn't difficult, and it allows you to pack more lightly--and not have to deal with dirty laundry when you get home! If you’re not staying at a place with laundry facilities, then before you leave, locate nearby laundromats. But if you’re roughing it in the great outdoors, or doing a family road trip, get ready for “wash anywhere” situations (like when you’re on the open road, not a town in sight, and a fudgesicle mishap occurs). Regardless of what your washing situation is, we have all the tools you need for doing laundry on the go.

How to Do Laundry On Vacation

Before vacation, put together a kit of on-the-go laundry supplies. This will make life easier, and that’s what vacation is all about.

A Bin or Storage Tub

Pack all of your supplies in a plastic bin that also doubles as a washing basin.

Travel-size stain remover.

Stain remover is great for treating stains on the go, but don’t forget to wash as soon as possible!

Small, mesh laundry bag.

These are used in washing machines to keep delicate fabrics together, but they also come in handy when hand washing a few items at a time (like when you’re washing in a stream with a current). They’re also useful for washing and storing dishes on a camping trip.

Laundry Detergent Pods

Laundry Pods are the perfect on-the-go detergent! No need to cart around a large plastic jug. Dropps Laundry Pods are perfectly packable, and can even fit in a pocket or go on a plane. While the packaging dissolves in a washing machine, they can also be dissolved in a basin of water and used for hand washing.

Collapsible Drying Rack.

This is ideal for for drying after washing clothes while camping or in a motel room sink, but not especially useful in the back of a minivan.

Clothesline and clothespins.

Campers prefer line drying, because it allows more space for larger items, like sleeping bags and towels.

Small, collapsible laundry basket.

It’s helpful to have a place to store dirty laundry on your trip until you can wash it. And, if you’re folding laundry, say, outside on a picnic bench, a basket is handy for clean storage and easier transporting. If you’re just going to wait until you get home, then a reusable grocery bag or laundry bag would work well.