5 Ways to Keep Your Fridge Fresh!


Because a clean fresh fridge makes your groceries that much more appetizing.

 There's nothing worse than opening the fridge and being greeted with a rotten smell. We've all forgotten a bag of produce in the back of the fridge before, but stale smells can linger and live in the fridge itself as well. A fresh and clean fridge is better for your home and your groceries. Here are five ways to keep your fridge fresh and clean.

1. Clean Out + Wipe Down

The first step is always to clean out your refrigerator; remove everything (yes, everything) and do a full wipe-down of the inside and outside of the fridge. If you expect this step to take a while, place the more temperature-sensitive items in a cooler temporarily to avoid spoilage. Dissolve an Oxi Boost Pod in warm water, and use a washcloth to wipe both the interior and exterior of the refrigerator with the solution—and don’t forget the handles! 

2. Deodorize

To get rid of those nasty, lingering smells in your refrigerator, use a natural deodorizer! Some great options are baking soda or white vinegar; just place an open container of either one of these ingredients in your fridge and leave it there for at least 24 hours. These natural alternatives actually do a better job at removing odors than store-bought chemical cleaners because they absorb the odor-causing bacteria as opposed to just covering it up.

3. Pay Attention to Temperature + Humidity

One of the leading causes of that spoiled food in your fridge is actually incorrect temperature and humidity levels. According to Green Living Ideas, the general rule of thumb is to keep foods that will rot in lower humidity drawers and foods that will wilt in higher humidity drawers. In addition, the ideal temperature for your refrigerator is between 37 and 40 degrees Fahrenheit (4-5 degrees Celsius). 

4. Repackage Leftovers

Make good use of all of those airtight containers in your cabinets! Those Styrofoam and cardboard takeout containers will leave your entire refrigerator smelling like leftovers overnight. Instead, toss the takeout boxes into the recycling bin and get into the habit of placing all of your leftovers in airtight bags or containers to keep those smells where they belong. Plus, this makes stacking and organizing your fridge so much easier!

5. Maintain a Fresh Scent

Once you’ve actually removed any lingering odors, keep your refrigerator smelling fresh by adding a lovely scent! Place the peel of your favorite citrus fruit along with a few tablespoons of salt into a small bowl and leave it on a shelf in your refrigerator; the salt absorbs any odors while the citrus fills the air with a fresh, bright aroma! Prefer a more floral scent? No problem! Gardenista blogger, Erin, adds a handful of dried lavender or a few drops of lavender essential oil to her baking soda to keep her fridge smelling fresh no matter what. We also love a spritz of Revitalizing Mist in your kitchen to keep the whole room smelling great!