Frequently Asked Questions

Can I add your foaming hand soap refill pods to a different company’s foaming hand soap bottle?

Definitely! Dropps Foaming Hand Soap refill pods work with any foaming hand soap dispenser. We recommend using one pod for every 8oz of water.

What is the pump made of? Can I recycle it?

The foaming hand soap dispenser has a spray mechanism that requires components that cannot be recycled. However the dip tube can be removed and recycled.

How many times can I wash my hands with a single refill?

It depends on how many pumps you use! We estimate 100-150 hand washes on average per refill.

How many pumps do you get per refill of Dropps Foaming Hand Soap?

Each Dropps Foaming Hand Soap refill contains approximately 315 pumps!

I have eczema/psoriasis, will Dropps Foaming Hand Soap cause irritation or excess dryness?

For customers with skin sensitivities, we recommend the unscented variety of Dropps Foaming Hand Soap. It is dermatologist-tested and clinically pr...