Promoting Dropps On Instagram

Instagram's visual platform is a great way to drive your followers to your blog post or send them directly through your affiliate link. It is a little tricky since you can only use a link in the bio. See below for tips to maximize and monetize your Instagram following. 

Link in Bio

You have one url so use it well. You have three options. For all three options, be sure to tell your followers to go to your bio to click on the link. Remind your followers that by doing so they are supporting your content.

  1. Use your affiliate link for 1-2 days as your bio link. This provides the best conversions for those that go to the bio and click on your link.
  2. Use your blog link with the affiliate post front and center or a direct link to the affiliate post
  3. Use the popular Linktree  This tool allows you to create a landing page with multiple links. We recommend you use a direct affiliate link on this tool as well as your detailed blog post

Spell Out The Url

Send your followers to your blog by spelling out the url of your blog in your description. No http or www needed.

Call To Action

Give them a reason to purchase NOW. Remember you always have the 15% off coupon as it does not expire and add a sense of urgency such as ":while supplies last"


Give your post full exposure by maximizing your hashtag for your team and the event your promoting (such as #dropps #greenliving, #lessplastic or #ecoliving). You are allowed 30 hashtags on your Instagram post so use full advantage of each one.

In addition, use current events and topic hashtags that are relevant to your post. For instance, during the pandemic #quarantinelife was a popular hashtag This increases engagement and exposure. However, the hashtag needs to be relevant to your post.

Engage with Your Hashtags

Before you post, you know which hashtag you would like to use. So engage with that hashtag and other accounts at least 15 minutes prior to you posting and 15 minutes afterwards. I found this tip here. I tried it myself. It really works.


Create a 15 second video about Dropps. It could be as simple as using Boomerang with the pod moving back and forth. Be sure to tell followers to go to your blog or link in the bio for the affiliate link. 

Instagram Stories

Instagram stories are short lived but high on engagement. They also get prime attention in the right hand side bar or top of the mobile app. Use your affiliate coupon code throughout your story to ensure you receive the commissions for your referred sales. Public promotion? Send your followers to your relevant post and be sure to give them a reason to go there. Examples would be “Get the limited time coupon code by clicking on my link in the bio” or “Learn more about Dropps by going to my blog”


Engage with your followers on your page as well as their pages. Don’t always engage to sell. Instead look for meaningful and authentic ways to connect with your followers.