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Judge the quality of our products for yourself. Free trial kits contain 10 wash loads. Just cover $5 shipping/handling on the first trial, and $3 on each additional trial (when ordered at the same time). Your ongoing wash plan will begin at the end of the 14-day trial period, and you'll receive an email reminder before it ships. You can modify, pause, delay, or cancel your order at any time.

Dropps natural oxi laundry detergent booster pods are the ultimate way to remove tough stains, eliminate odors, brighten colors and whiten whites. Our chlorine-free, color-safe bleach formula compliments your wash with extra stain fighting power that is natural, non-irritating, hypoallergenic and non-toxic. While chlorine-based bleach can damage your bright colored clothes, Dropps Oxi Booster Pacs color-protecting formula is safe for most types of fabrics. 

Features & Benefits

  • Versatile stain remover for household and laundry
  • Chlorine-free, color safe bleach alternative
  • Add with laundry detergent during the wash cycle for cleaner, whiter, and brighter clothing on every load
  • Pre-soak in cold water for heavy duty stain removal
  • Use around the house for stain removal: carpet & upholstery, tile & grout, and outdoor furniture
  • Compatible with all machines - HE/high efficiency, standard, front loaders, top loaders, you name it!
  • Free of artificial colorants and dyes and synthetic fragrances
  • Rinses fully and leaves no irritating residues
  • Biodegradable formula contains plant-derived ingredients
  • Convenient pre-measured unit dose pacs eliminate mess and waste
  • Recyclable and compostable packaging eliminates single use plastic


    Sodium percarbonate (mineral-based oxygen stain removal agent, CAS# 15630-89-4), Tetraacetylethylenediamine (TAED) (biodegradable oxidizing cleaner, CAS# 10543-57-4), Amylase Enzyme (stain fighting enzyme CAS# 9000-90-2),  PVA film (water soluble film).

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    How to Use Dropps Oxi Booster Pods

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    My review

    I like this product except my 2nd box came with multiple packs broken and powder everywhere. Wondering if they changed vendor for packs.

    Reviewed by Beth S.
    September 2018

    Easy stain removal

    Being able to simply drop one packet into the washer with my clothes ensures I don't miss spots that need removal. I do allow my washerful of clothes to soak for at least an hour. All my laundry is much brighter and stain-free now.

    Reviewed by Anonymous
    September 2018

    LOVE these!

    For us, these are the best! Love the soap pods, booster pods and softener pods.

    Reviewed by John K.
    September 2018

    I like it.

    It helps me get my clothes cleaner, I am allergic to bleach, so my whites are tough, and this helps a lot. Good product and no big plastic bucket to get rid of.

    Reviewed by Marcia L.
    September 2018

    Works great!

    I really like the idea that these are "no bleach" booster pods. I can toss them in with my workout clothes, regular laundry, towels, sheets, etc.,and they get the job done. The added benefit of decreasing my use of plastic is also there. I highly recommend this product!

    Reviewed by Rico R.
    A Dropps® Customer
    September 2018


    Detergent works well. I like that it is not scented and does,not come in a plastic jug. Some pods arrived broken in the box. I think that the product is still usable but not measured

    Reviewed by wendy B.
    September 2018

    We love it

    Dropps have saved up trips to the store. We like getting each new box. They get our vlothes clean and we feel better knowing they are made frim good ingredients.

    Reviewed by Elizabeth J.
    August 2018

    Love the packaging!

    We love these dropps! Everything is satisfactory! We have no sensitivity issues, the ease of use and no waste packaging is wonderful! Thanks !

    Reviewed by Anonymous
    August 2018