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Dropps® Clean Clicker™

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Dropps® Clean Clicker™

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We know that wash plan subscriptions aren't for everyone. That's why we developed the Dropps® Clean Clicker™. Save 20% off our bestselling items on demand with the push of a button.

You're not locked into a subscription. Stick the button where you use it most - in your laundry room or on your kitchen counter. When you run low on Dropps, just press the Clean Clicker™ and your re-order will be on its way! 

Your Clean Clicker™ purchase includes a Dropps starter kit, a Clean Clicker™ button, and 20% off our bestselling items (when ordered with the Clean Clicker™ button).

Over 50 million Dropps sold!

— Just about everywhere

Powerful, Effective Cleaning

Dropps products are formulated to give you great results in all washers (HE and standard) and all temperatures (even energy saving cold water cycles!).

Safe for Your Home & Family

To us, less is always more. Our formulas contain plant-based ingredients and are biodegradable, chlorine-free, and free of harsh chemicals. Your well being is our top priority.

Keeping our Planet Greener

Our mission is to reduce water, waste and energy use. And our packaging is now 100% recyclable cardboard shipped straight to your door.