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Protect The Ocean: Catch Microfibers When You Wash

During washing, synthetic fabrics can shed tiny plastic microfibers that end up in our waterways. This easy-to-use laundry ball catches these particles during the wash cycle, kind of like how your lint trap works in the dryer. Take your sustainability mission to the next level.

Helps Protect Our Oceans

For All Washing Machines

For All Load Sizes

Reusable & Recyclable

Good to know...
Safe for use with all detergents and water temperatures. Best suited for everyday washes and sturdier items.

100% Upcycled Materials

Created by Marine Biologists • Made in Vermont
Polyester, acrylic and nylon represent a significant portion of textiles worn globally. When washed, they can contribute to microplastic pollution in the ocean. Cora Ball was designed to help minimize shedding from these textiles, and catch the fibers that come loose during washing.
Made of 100% recycled and 100% recyclable soft and stretchy plastic that will maintain its physical and chemical properties in the temperature extremes of both residential and commercial washers and dryers.
Did you know that coral reefs are nature's water filtration system? Similar to the way coral filters the ocean, the Cora Ball prevents microfiber from breaking off our clothes and collects our microfibers into fuzz we can see, so we can dispose of microfibers in the right way.

How to Use

  •  Drop your Cora Ball in your washing machine
  •  Use any detergent or water temperature
  •  Clean your Cora Ball

Let your Cora Ball do it's thing to catch microfibers, fuzz and lint.

For best results: separate your delicates, knits, fine fabrics, anything with tassels, fraying threads or spaghetti straps and wash without the Cora Ball to prevent them from tangling with the stalks of the ball.

Have Questions?

Sustainability is a journey

Making Waves

Dropps is the exclusive home cleaning partner of Oceana, the world's largest ocean conservancy organization.

Compostable Packaging

Our compostable packaging is designed to be a sustainable alternative to single-use plastic. So our oceans can breathe easier. You too.

100% Carbon Neutral Shipping

We partner with 3Degrees to offset the carbon from every shipment. This year alone we’ve offset over 650 metric tons.

Customer Reviews
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Cora Bell

It doesn’t seem to do anything

Reviewed by Deborah F.
August 2021

Happy New Members

We LOVE your company - keep innovating and pushing the industry towards better sustainable practices! Thank you for helping us minimize our impact on the planet!

Reviewed by Estefania M.
August 2021

Love the idea but unsure it is effective

I expected lots of fibers, human and animal hair but I rarely if ever see anything collected on the ball. I can't say it's performing as expected.

Reviewed by Anonymous
August 2021

Not sure it works

I have been using the Cora ball for almost a month now and it has not collected anything except one strand of my hair inside of it. I wash dog bedding every week and the lint trap in the dryer catches the dog hair versus the Cora ball. It is a neat product and I stand behind the concept of it, but I cannot say I have noticed a difference since using it.

Reviewed by Amy
August 2021

Seems good so far...

I am hoping I am doing something good for the environment, but it is hard to tell since there are no fibers on my ball (which o was warned about)

Reviewed by Anonymous
July 2021

We use a lot of cotton, so this helps!

I was already picking up a few strands of fuzzy dog hair and fabrics after a couple of washes. We have 2 dogs -as loving as they are shedding- and dogs blankets and beds and towels... I used to have to wipe our washer after each "dog stuff wash" but the Cora ball must be doing the job for me. Also, we mostly wear cotton and use cotton in beddings, so this Cora ball is a good investment, I think.

Reviewed by Flo
July 2021

Not sure I am seeing much benefit

Either I don't have a lot of clothes that shed fibers or this isn't really working. I do get the occasional string or thread caught in it, but not very often.

Reviewed by Julie M.
July 2021


It does what they say it will do!

Dropps® Cora Ball Review
Reviewed by Vilona S.
June 2021

FAQ about Cora Ball

Yes, Cora Ball catches many types of small fibers including pet hair. In fact, the buildup of hair (pet and human) can help attract more small fibers on the coral-like spines.
Yes! There have been two independent tests to determine the effectiveness of the Cora Ball. Cora Ball prevented 31% and 26% of microfiber pollution in the Napper and McIlwraith studies respectively. Imagine if everyone used a Cora Ball!
Cleaning is easy and similar to cleaning a hairbrush. When you see fuzz or lint balls that are big enough to grab, simply pull them out and throw them in the trash bin.
On the days you wash your new or heavier items, like fleece, sweatshirts, and towels you are likely to see the fibers stuck in the Cora Ball. Sometimes, after everyday clothing loads, you may not see much. It can take time for the microscopic fibers to build up with hair and larger fibers. But, even when you can’t see the fibers in Cora Ball, Cora Ball is preventing microfiber shedding in the first place!
For most homes, one Cora Ball will do the job. For laundry loads in heavy-duty large capacity washing machines, we recommend up to 3.