Goodbye Permastink: Revive and Refresh Your Workout Clothes

Blast away sweat, odors and stains that get trapped in the tight-weave of performance fabrics. With 5 active enzymes, this detergent cleans every type of stain from grass to blood and mud. Our anti-permastink formula with Odor Control technology helps eliminate and prevent even week-old odors, so they don’t linger or reactivate with body heat. It's not you, it's your detergent.

Good to know...
Helps preserve and protect the elasticity and tech properties of performance fabrics like yoga pants, sports bras, uniforms, and your favorite athleisure wear — so they keep their shape, stay stretchy, wickable and breathable. For added softness, our Fabric Softener maintains athletic wicking.

What's in our pod

A really good clean

We bring nature into our science lab to create our innovative formulas, and we use independent, 3rd party labs to test their effectiveness. Spoiler: they work.

Manufactured in USA

HE Compatible

Cruelty Free & Vegan

3rd Party Lab Tested

Sustainability is a journey

Recyclable Packaging

Our recyclable packaging is designed to be a sustainable alternative to single-use plastic. So our oceans can breathe easier. You too.

100% Carbon Neutral Shipping

We're already thoughtful about how our company impacts the environment, but by partnering with Clearloop we’re also doing something about that leftover carbon footprint. Together, we're expanding access to clean energy by funding the construction of new solar projects in Jackson, TN. By taking action now, we’re working to provide a ray of sunshine to our customers, employees, and communities across the country today. With our investment, neighborhoods in places like Jackson, TN will now have access to clean energy for the next 40 years.