The Box Rocks!

Our packaging is designed with intention to eliminate single use plastic and unnecessary shipping materials.

Evolution of the Box

Over 4,500,000 and counting!

By choosing Dropps, you have helped keep over 6.2 million single-use plastic bottles, jugs, tubs, and pouches from polluting our oceans and waterways!

Pulling Double Duty



Our corrugated cardboard suppliers are certified by the Forestry Stewardship Council and the plants are certified by the Sustainable Forestry Initiative that qualifies organizations that support sustainable practices.


Paper Tape

You asked, we listened. Members of our community asked us to swap out plastic tape for kraft paper tape, so we did it! We also use recycling compatible adhesive (RCA) to ensure the tape remains recyclable after use. 


Shipping Label

Our sustainable shipping labels are also recyclable and use the same RCA as our packaging tape. The release liners that hold the labels are also recyclable, compared with traditional silicone coated liners. 

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