Fight stubborn stains, whiten and brighten.

Fight stubborn stains, whiten and brighten.

Works like magic.



Helps Fight Stains & Whiten Whites

Designed to remove stubborn set-in stains from fabrics and hard surfaces and to keep clothes white for longer.


Low Waste Packaging

Leave our planet in better shape by choosing products that offer alternatives to single-use plastic like our recyclable & compostable cardboard boxes.


Chlorine-free bleach alternative

Made with 100% natural mineral oxygen based stain releasers. The fizz action shows you it’s working hard.

Carbon Neutral Shipping. Satisfaction Guaranteed.

Happy Customers

I'm always skeptical about laundry products....but Dropps Oxi Booster really works! It got my dingy whites bright and white again. Love it!

Suzanne A.

After washing our clothes they smelt sour and like dirty feet. We tried washing machine cleaners, vinegar in our laundry... nothing worked. Used the dropps with the oxy boost and our clothes don’t stink, they feel clean again!

Stevi J.

After one wash with the Dropps detergent pods and Oxi Booster pods I noticed a difference. My whites were no longer yellow and stains came off my other clothes.

Tanya A.

Besides not having to lug around then recycle a big plastic bottle of bleach, I love that these oxi pods get my whites just as clean as ever. Totally recommend.

Vivian A.

This took out a yellowed baby spit up stain that was 6 months old and had been washed and dried 3 times! I did not pre-treat it, just threw my white quilt in the wash with a detergent pod, fabric softener pod and oxi pod. GONE! Amazing.

Elizabeth S.

I like using them with my whites to keep them white, but also help in deodorizing smelly items such as after the dog got skunked and had to clean her bed cover.

Jo Ann

How It Works


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See The Difference

Yes, our pods are eco-friendly but they're also super effective. 


Feel Good Disposal

Our boxes can be recycled or composted after use.