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Our Story

Best of times

They were the best of times. They were the worst of times.

The time was the early 80s. New Wave was on the radio. MTV came to cable TV. And those big chunky sweaters were all the rage. We should know, we made the chunky yarn at our very own cotton mill just outside Philadelphia. Yep, those were good times. Except, of course, if you were the sweaters. Because every time we washed them, the harsh detergents and rough laundry routine made our sweet yarn all yellowed and stretchy.

Family Album Dropps

A little look into our family photo album.

We care a lot about what we do. And we really cared about those sweaters. That’s where our founder, Jonathan Propper and his mother come in. When Jonathan’s mother started the Conshohocken Cotton Co., she made apparel using a patented cotton yarn. But there weren’t any commercial detergents gentle enough for his fabrics. So they had a breakthrough. Who better to come up with a laundry detergent that’s gentle on fabrics than the people who make the fabric? Jonathan and his mother took matters into their own hands and created a biodegradable, low-sudsing, detergent that would treat their natural fibers right, and keep fabrics looking better, longer. So they removed the enzymes to keep the fabrics vibrant and soft. The result? An innovative formula with a split personality: tough on dirt, but gentle on your favorite clothing. They named it Cot’n Wash, and Consumer Reports named it #1 in overall cleaning quality among hand-laundry detergents.

Dropps laundry detergent

Clean. And pretty darn convenient, too.  

With all the stuff we took out of this new detergent, we knew we had a small wonder on our hands. Which got us thinking: “What else can we make smaller?” Then we thought the last thing anyone needed was another huge drippy, sticky jug of detergent to deal with. So we put all the cleaning power in small, convenient, dissolvable pacs. Each is pre-measured to make laundry down-right fool-proof. You just drop ‘em in the laundry. Voila! Dropps was born. An idea that proved to be so smart, the leading consumer publications (did someone say Oprah?) and laundry do-ers worldwide couldn’t stop raving about us. And who doesn’t love flattery?

Why Dropps?

Dropps Convenience

We wrote the instructions on fabric care.

We know our way around some fabric. In fact, we got our start making textiles and apparel. We loved our products so much, we formulated a detergent specifically to care for them. With a few decades (and fashion trends) under our belts, we know what you’re looking for on laundry day. By design, Dropps are gentle, but they’re really tough. Less detergent, fewer ingredients, and absolutely no harsh chemicals. Your favorites are safe--and clean--with us.

Dropps value

Suds don’t clean clothes--and neither does the middleman.

Fewer ingredients. Fewer suds. Why not fewer steps, too? Tidy little Dropps ship right to your door in a neat little box. By ordering directly from the manufacturer, you bypass the steep markups retail stores charge, and we pass more savings on to you.

Dropps Sustainability

Making laundry (and the planet) cleaner one Dropp at a time!

Take a look at our laundry list of safe ingredients and sustainable practices. Dropps are made with plant-based, biodegradable formulas. They ship to your door in a 100% recyclable cardboard box, and our pre-measured pacs dissolve right in the wash. Way less plastic, space, and waste. Absolutely no phosphates, chlorine, NPEs, or animal testing. We measure up to some tough standards to bring you peace of mind and to do our part for the planet.

Dropps validation

Finally, laundry has its day.

How can we make laundry...dare we Let’s start with how we make it easier: No lugging drippy detergent jugs. No over-pouring and dumping money down the drain. Dropps ships right to your door like clockwork. Just use one pac per washload for any machine, fabric, color, and temperature. That’s all. Less time thinking about laundry means more time for what you really want to do. And we think that’s pretty fun.