What's that smell?

What's that smell?

Oh yeah—it’s Julian and Dropps! Dropps has teamed up with MarfaStewart himself (Julian’s TikTok handle, btw) to bundle up his favorite Dropps products to help keep you so fresh and so clean.

Julian's Favorite Cleaning Tip?

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It's Dropps, of course! Whether it’s cleaning paint off of his overalls or keeping his NYC bachelor pad kitchen looking (and smelling) like new, Julian knows the right Dropps products to make chores a lot more cool and convenient for every kind of homie.


It’s time to pack away the short-sleeve tees and “hoochie daddy” shorts

Welcome to Sweater Weather!

Get ready to whip out last year’s itchy wool sweaters and scarves. BUT, a sustainable seasonal wardrobe transition but be done properly.

Julian is "The Internet's Favorite Home Boy"

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Dropps is a pioneer household cleaning

Dropps is a pioneer household cleaning

With a proven commitment to sustainability, we leveraged the power of nature to create powerful laundry and dish products that just work.