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Dropps Company Reviews & Product Testimonials

Dropps products work for busy moms, dorm-livers, apartment-dwellers and anyone who likes hassle-free, mess-free, guilt-free household cleaning. Read how some of our biggest fans have made the switch to smarter living with Dropps. 

 "This is a creatively effective and convenient product!!!

We'd read about this product but we were reluctant to try it until UPS dropped a LARGE BOTTLE of detergent in our hallway (and broke it). So, we figured it was time to rethink our buying habits. We ordered Dropps in 'fresh scent' instead. As we pulled the package (80 loads) out of the box we were shocked at how light it was! No more lugging heavy bottles of detergent around. No more pouring the detergent and cleaning up the dispenser in the washer. Unlike some of the other reviewers we actually like the scent directly from the washer (we don't use fabric softener) and we're a tough customer because we have hard water. But, what's even more impressive is that this detergent cleans our dog's beds and blankets extremely well. Even though our dog is in denial about it.....his bedding DOES get pretty stinky and Dropps cleans it remarkably well."  - Scruff, CA USA (Amazon.com)

"Work great for cloth diapers in hard water!

We have been using Dropps exclusively for our son's cloth diapers for the last month. We have extremely hard water and were struggling with stink and buildup issues on our diapers. We tried several different cloth diaper-friendly detergents and none worked. I'll admit, I was hesitant to try yet ANOTHER detergent, but I am so glad to have discovered Dropps!" - A. Borghetti, Camarillo, CA (Amazon.com)

"Smells AWESOME!

This is my second order Of "Dropps". I loved the Lavender scented ones so I just had to get this scent. I could smell it as soon as I opened my box!! I cannot wait to smell it once I've done some laundry. I use these for my bath towels and our bedding and blankets we use in the living room when we watch TV and want a little blanket. It smells so good and the scent does last quite a long time. You only need one per load of laundry - any more and it might be too strong!
For the price - it's definitely worth it! I'd but it in more fragrances if they had them!!" - Cathie (Amazon.com)

"Better Than Drier Sheet

I haven't liked fabric softner liquids that had to be added to the washer in the past because of the mess and the size of the bottles. I like these packets they are easy to add to the wash load. The smell they impart on the clothing is more subtle than drier sheets, things feel much softer, and there is no static cling in the drier. I have bad allergies and some fragrances can set my allergies off, particularly some types of drier sheets; I don't have a problem with these though. I highly reccomend them for people who want soft clothes without a mess or heavy perfumes." Thomas (Amazon.com)

"I love these Dropps. I told a friend of mine about the because both of our kids have the same skin irritation to harsh detergent issues. I told her how these don't have those harsh enzymes like the other detergents do, and how that helps preserve clothes. Its important as she is the mother of 4 and needs the clothes last in order to be passed on to the little ones. We both have used the Dropps and none of our kids have gotten rashes-it's great. I think we have found our new detergent!" (Lake Forest)

"I gave my neighbors a sample of Dropps. They are really into the environment, and liked that there was a fragrance-free version. I told them I wanted a report after they did their laundry to see what they thought. They were very impressed. They didn't feel any residue and their laundry was clean. They did a real dirty load to put Dropps to the test. They also liked the fact that you don't need to use a dryer sheet. Just alone that will save some money, never mind the environment. Dropps has a new customer. (Downingtown, PA) 

"My husband and I take an active vacation (bicycling, kayaking, hiking, etc.) every year. As you can imagine, we generate piles of dirty clothes! This year I bought Dropps to take on our 7 day bicycling trip. They worked great! Not only did the Dropps clean our filthy athletic clothes, they took up almost no room in our luggage. Luggage is very restricted on this type of trip, and Dropps were perfect. I'm taking them on our next cruise-who wants to come home with a pile of dirty clothes?" (Alexandria, VA USA) 

"My son comes home from college with enough dirty laundry to circle the earth, and I decide that this is the right moment. I escort him to the laundry room, show him the box of Dropps, and his immediate reaction is "Why didn't you tell me about these sooner? I could have saved myself a lot of hauling back and forth to the laundry room if I could just pop one of these in my pocket." (East Mead) 

"I love this product! It is convenient, easy-to-use, great for the environment and a time-saver. No more lugging heavy jugs of detergent around, no more measuring and no more plastic bottles to recycle. I can't say enough wonderful things about these Dropps. I love them! They clean the clothes great too." (M. A. Bakkebo) 

"My mom is 78, and has arthritis and such, but does quite well. Her apartment building has laundry on the first floor, and she lives on the second floor. In addition to lugging her basket of laundry, she always had to carry the detergent bottle as well. Enter Dropps! Mom can just put the packet in her pocket and bop downstairs, with one less thing to carry. Less weight, better balance, less chance of any kind of accident." (Kingston)