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Fabric Care: How to Wash & Store Wool and Cashmere

fabric care: how to wash and store wool and cashmere
Washing Instructions

1. Fill basin/sink with cool water and detergent pac.

2. Swish water around until detergent is mixed in.

3. Place garment in and gently swirl it around.

4. Take garment out of the water and gently squeeze the excess water out--don't wring.

5. Rinse until clear of detergent.

6. Lay garment on a clean towel and roll it up to absorb the remaining water.

7. Unroll and let it dry flat on another towel or drying rack.

Storing Instructions

Fold and store in an air-tight container.

Recommended Detergent

We recommend Dropps Mini Laundry Detergent pacs for handwashing wool apparel, or Dropps Scent + Dye Free Laundry Detergent pacs. They're both extra gentle on natural fibers and will protect your favorite pieces from shrinking, yellowing, and stretching. Dropps will keep them looking and feeling soft and vibrant wash after wash.