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What makes Dropps® laundry detergents different?


100% Clean. 0% Middleman.

Dropps ship free, right from the factory to your door. That keeps costs down for everyone. Paying less and saving errands? Yes, please!


Pour No More

One pre-measured pac per wash load is all you need. Dropps are right for all machines (HE/high efficiency and standard), fabrics, temperatures, colors, and septic tanks -- you’ll get it right every time.


Making Laundry (and the Planet!) Cleaner One Wash at a Time

Dropps ship to your door in a 100% recyclable cardboard box, and our pre-measured pacs dissolve right in the wash. Way less plastic, space, and waste. We measure up to some tough standards to bring you peace of mind and to do our part for the planet.

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Over 50 million Dropps sold! ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Just about everywhere!

I got my first trial, used it, and I am quite pleased. My clothes came out clean and fresh smelling even without the spray. And no skin irritation! I was using a cheap brand that didn't irritate my skin, but the smell! Thank you, I'll be keeping my subscription!

Christina G.

Clean, clean, clean! Super easy, just like all other pods. No dyes and no smells, I feel like my fabrics are genuinely CLEAN. I'm a fan, "clean and simple" ,)

Ted P.

My daughter has eczema and sensitive skin and these laundry pods work great for her. If her clothes are washed in other detergents with scent, she becomes very itchy! I also wash my newborn’s clothes with them.

Sarah W.

I love everything about Dropps, from the convenience of having eco-friendly boxes delivered (and then just dropping a cute little packet into the washer instead of the traditional pour) to the scent to the great feeling of using a superior product that costs less. Was that a run on sentence? Don't care. I love Dropps!

Katherine T.

I love that dropps are eco-friendly and easy on my wallet. Having them delivered to my door instead of lugging home a bottle of detergent (I ride a bike, no car) makes my life so much easier. And I love how clean and fresh-smelling my clothes are.

Michelle M.

2017 EPA Safer Choice Partner of the Year!

Dropps has been a leader in the environmentally-friendly laundry detergent business since 2008, when Dropps laundry detergent pacs first received EPA Safer Choice certification.

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Dropps® detergent pods—started by a family of innovators

We like to think of ourselves as textile engineers-turned-detergent scientists. See how a bright idea turned into a brilliant solution, and how Dropps pacs, fabric softeners, and scent boosters changed how we do laundry—for good!