Cold Water Washing Pouch

Cold Water Washing Pouch

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Our detergent pods dissolve almost instantly in hot or warm water, and take several seconds longer to dissolve in cold water. Some high efficiency and front loading machines use very little water. The cold water pod pouch ensures that the detergent pod is fully submerged in water throughout the wash cycle for maximum dissolubility in super efficient machines.

HOW TO USE: Place detergent pod (and laundry additive if applicable) inside cold water washing pouch and zip closed. Place washing pouch directly into washing machine drum. Load clothes on top. Start cold water wash cycle.

Why Cold Water?

The benefits of using cold water in the wash cycle:


Once the water temperature reaches above 75°F, detergents become less effective. Heat can actually help stains set into the clothing.


Roughly 75 percent of the energy required to do a load of laundry goes into heating the water. Using cold water saves energy, putting less pressure on electricity grids.


Using a cold-water detergent and setting your machine to 60°F (compared to 75°F) can save you at least $60 annually in utilities. (Consumer Reports)


Heat can break down dyes in clothing and cause shrinkage. Washing clothes in cold water helps preserve colors, fibers, shape and size.


Machine wash delicate fabrics such as silk, wool, and cashmere at home.

Pro Tip:

For long lasting freshness, add a few drops of your favorite pure undiluted essential oil to the dryer ball and toss in the dryer. Soaking dryer balls for a longer period of time in essential oils increases the scent.

Bigger Means Better

Happy Sheep come from new zealand

We choose to source our wool from New Zealand because not only is their wool a superior quality, but, in New Zealand, farmers who tend sheep must meet a range of standards regarding environmental sustainability and cruelty-free practices.

New Zealand sheep are able to graze in outdoor pastures throughout the year, and their annual shearing - performed skillfully and pain-free - helps these sheep live more comfortable and healthy lives.

There is also a prohibition against exporting sheep from New Zealand, so the sheep can stay happy in their pastures while their wool is shipped around the world to be used in manufacturing.

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Does just as great of a job as other detergents. I feel it’s definitely cheaper as well. The wool balls are great and work so well!

Reviewed by Anonymous
December 2018

loving it

so far i love it

Reviewed by Anonymous
November 2018

Great little helper

Brilliant idea and solutIon for not-quite-dissolved pods. However...I ordered one and then got one in every sample pack of new products that I ordered. I now have about six of these! Silly to buy one since they come with other items.

Reviewed by Jan D.
A Dropps® Customer
October 2018

Love it!

I'm very happy with the convenience and efficiency of Dropps!

Reviewed by Tracy H.
October 2018

Useful solution

Overall, this is a easy useful solution. However, I lose this thing like I lose socks!

Reviewed by Jessica L.
October 2018

Kids s do laundry now

No spilling - over pouring - easy - clothes clean and smell great

Reviewed by Stephanie R.
September 2018

Great idea

This is a great thing! Ends the problems some of us has had Thank you

Reviewed by Autumn B.
September 2018

An excellent product

I love the scent and cleaning ability of the pods. I would like to suggest an alternate method of shipping. One of the pods leaked and caused the others to become sticky. The cold water pouch works well and comes out of the dryer completely clean, no residue.

Reviewed by Anonymous
September 2018