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How to Remove Deodorant Stains

How to Remove Deodorant Stains

We love being outside in the warmer months and getting active! But as we all know, time in the sun can make you sweat and leave deodorant stains on your clothes. You may not see them at first, but by the time September comes they start to catch your eye! Here’s how to get them out quickly.

Step 1

Remove stain

Remove white deodorant marks by rubbing them with a cotton sock, nylon stocking, or a piece of foam rubber, like what is found on the top of hangers.

rubbing deodorant stain with washcloth

Step 2


For stubborn stains, dissolve an Oxi Booster Pod in the warmest water recommended by the care label. Soak shirt--overnight is best!

soaking shirt overnight

Step 3

Wash and Dry

Wash with your favorite Laundry Pod and dry normally, in accordance to the wash tag on your item! Use Oxi Boosters Pods regularly in your sweat-heavy loads to prevent sweat and collar stains overtime.

Products to treat Deodorant stain:
Oxi Booster Pods, Laundry Pod of choice