Your Ultimate Guide to the Cleanest, Coziest Bed


The average person spends about a third of their life sleeping–so why not make your bed the best it can be? 

While the market has exploded with different technologies designed to help us sleep better, here at Dropps we stand by the classic–a clean and cozy bed. But how can you make sure you have the coziest bed ever? And do you even know how to keep your bed clean? Don’t worry, we have all the tips and tricks to make sure that drifting off into dreamland is a dream in itself. Here’s how to keep your bed clean and how to make the coziest bed ever.

How to Clean Your Bed

Your average bed is made up of three parts: the bed frame and headboard, the mattress, and the bedding. Each of these components is important to keep clean–though some we are more diligent about than others!

How to Clean Your Bed Frame and Headboard

When was the last time you thought about your bed frame? If you’re like most of us, it was probably…when you bought it (oops). Thankfully your bed frame and headboard don’t need much TLC. Here are a few steps to give this part of your bed a well deserved scrub.

1. Get Rid of Dust

Remove any dust from the bed frame and headboard. We love to use a damp Swedish Dish Cloth as a dusting tool. You can also use a classic duster or even a vacuum!

2. Freshen Up

A freshening wash goes a long way! Dissolve one Oxi Booster Pod in one gallon of water to create a liquid cleaning solution. Then, apply the solution to a cloth and wipe down your bed frame and headboard. This should work for all materials. The Oxi Booster will freshen up your bed while fighting any stains–even on upholstered headboards.

How to Clean Your Mattress

Cleaning your mattress can seem like a herculean task, but we’re breaking it down for you in a few easy steps.

1. Remove Covers

Remove your bedding and any sheets, pads, or mattress covers. Put these aside–we’ll go over washing those next!

2. Vacuum Your Mattress

Yes, you heard us right! Vacuum your mattress to get rid of any built up dust (or crumbs–we’ve all been there). Make sure to get between the seams.

3. Spot Clean and Fight Stains

While you may be tempted to give your mattress a full wash, soaking or applying a lot of water to your mattress can shorten its lifespan. Always check the care instructions and material of your mattress. Some materials, such as memory foam, can be damaged by prolonged exposure to liquids. We recommend spot cleaning with a product that contains enzymes, such as our Stain & Odor Laundry Detergent or Active Wash. Simply dissolve a pod in water and use the solution to scrub out the stain. You can also add an Oxi Booster Pod for extra stain fighting and whitening!

4. Deodorize
Pour baking soda–a natural deodorizer–in an even layer over one side of your mattress and let it sit. The longer it sits, the more fully it will penetrate the fibers. You may want to consider doing this early in the day or even before an overnight trip!

Pro tip: consider adding a drop of essential oil or a spritz of Revitalizing Mist to the baking soda to add a light scent. After the baking soda has worked its magic, remove it by vacuuming it up.

5. Flip the Mattress!

With a friend, flip the mattress over and repeat steps 2-4 for a complete clean. Now the mattress is as good as new!

How to Clean Your Bedding

You know how to wash your bedding (at least we hope so), but here are a few tips to bring that clean-sheet-feeling to the next level.

Pick the Right Detergent

The right detergent can make all the difference, especially for your bedding, which is in contact with your skin all night. If you have sensitive skin, we recommend using our Sensitive Skin Laundry Detergent. If not, try our Stain & Odor Laundry Detergent for a deeper clean. You can also add an Oxi Booster Pod for extra stain fighting and whitening.

Keep it Cozy

Want the softest sheets ever? Try our Fabric Softener Pods! Traditional fabric softeners work by covering fabrics in a sticky coating that gives the illusion of softness, but can shorten the lifespan of your bedding and irritate your skin. Our fabric softener pods are made up of tiny minerals that flow through fabrics to soften them naturally.

Consider Aromatherapy

Are you a scented or unscented laundry detergent person? If you enjoy a light scent when snuggling up, consider choosing a scented suite of laundry products. Matching the scents of your laundry detergent, fabric softener, and revitalizing mist can allow you to control the scent of your bedding–for scent type and strength. We particularly like our lavender products for bedding, as lavender is said to help promote relaxation and restful sleep!

Pro tip: a spritz of Lavender Chamomile Revitalizing Mist as you climb in bed helps you achieve a spa-like slumber.

How to Make Your Bed Cozy

You’ve cleaned every inch of your bed, but it’s still lacking that spark of hotel-style luxury and coziness you crave. Here are a few ways to upgrade your bed game and achieve the coziest bed ever.

Choose High Quality Sheets

When buying bedding, look for brands that create high quality and sustainable products, like Ettitude. Ettitude’s products are made from 100% breathable and sustainable bamboo fibers that are silky soft and good for your conscience. Investing in quality products is the best way to ensure that your bed is cozy and comfortable for years to come.

Get the Right Pillows

Have you noticed your pillow is looking a bit flat? Pillows naturally flatten out a bit with time. If your pillow seems more like a pancake, it's probably time to replace it. For a full size bed and above, we recommend four pillows, two on each side of the bed. They will make your bed look cozy and welcoming.

How About a Throw?

For visual interest, add a throw pillow or two, or a larger bolster pillow. Call on your inner interior designer and experiment with different colors and textures. You can even swap out pillows or pillowcases for different seasons! And yes, a favorite stuffed animal can work too!

Keep it Clean!

We’re all guilty of the occasional midnight, in-bed snack, but climbing into a bed full of crumbs is anything but relaxing. Try to keep your bed clean and comforting by taking your snacking–and outside clothes–into another room.

Sweet dreams!