Your parents are going commando.


Presents aren’t the only thing piling up this holiday season—Americans are drowning in dirty laundry! From extra layers and ugly sweaters to swanky party attire, everyone is working harder than Santa’s elves to clean their clothes. Roughly a third of Millennials (32%) and Gen Xers (36%) do 5 loads of laundry a week or more, compared to about 1 in 4 (24%) of their Boomer counterparts, according to a recent survey of 500 U.S. Millennials, 500 Gen Xers and 500 Boomers by Wakefield Research for Dropps. Doing laundry Monday through Friday, leaves little time for holiday fun.

Pile Procrastinators. Between holiday travel and entertaining, there’s no time to be stuck by the washer and drier. Understandably, people are putting off these piles of laundry during the chaos of the holiday season. A quarter (25%) of Millennials have maxed out putting off laundry for 3 weeks or more.

Going Commando. Some serious laundry avoiders take it even further – nearly half of Millennials (48%) and Gen Xers (47%) have “gone commando” in public specifically because they didn’t have clean underwear to wear. More conservative Boomers (23%) were roughly half as likely to go bare down there.  

Underwear Avoiders. And going sans underwear isn’t just for desperate times, roughly 1 in 3 Millennials (31%) and Gen Xers (36%) have gone commando more than once while avoiding laundry. Boomers (17%) were about half as likely to do so.  

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