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Looking for the perfect gifts for the holidays this year?  Ones that will be good for your friends, family, and world?  Don’t let your reputation as the eco-friendy guru in your circle be tarnished - get inspired by our top 10 gift ideas and keep your gifting green in 2019!

House plant

What’s better than giving the gift of life to someone?  A plant helps cleans the air naturally, beautifies a space, and some can even be propagated to share!  


We love laundry and if you’re reading this, you probably do too.  Guppyfriend is the gift for every laundry lover who hates to think about their microfibers going down the drain and into the ocean.  Keep those microplastics contained while keeping your clothes clean with Guppyfriend!


It seems only fitting that a company started by climbers and outdoor explorers would eventually take on the environmental issues our world faces today.  Patagonia donates at least 1% of their profit to environmental grassroots organizations, and their mission statement is inspiring to say the least.  Be sure to read other companies’ missions to find the same enthusiasm and guilt-free gift ideas! 

Beeswax wax paper

Plastic wrap serves its purpose of preserving a half eaten avocado and then ends up in a landfill for the following 50 years… if the ocean is lucky enough to not be the dumpster of the day.  Keep your produce contained with a reusable alternative like beeswax paper. Even a gift this small could inspire a lifestyle turnaround! 

Cruelty free quilt/non microfiber

A quilt, comforter, or blanket can be a gift that gets handed down through generations if you buy (or make) the right one and take care of it properly!  Make sure it’s natural fibered to prevent microplastics, cruelty-free for our fuzzy friends, and gifted with love!

Water bottle

We admit it’s not the most exciting, but you can make a gift a lifestyle change if given with the right info and intention!  An aesthetically pleasing reusable water bottle can be accompanied with a sturdy carabiner and an app like “My Water Balance” to inspire dedication to staying hydrated and saying adios to plastic bottles forever! 


Everyone loves a candle, but not all candles are created equal.  Certain waxes can let off toxins and dirty your home air, and the leftover container is as good as garbage once the wick burns down.  The Growing Candle lets you burn their dye, phthalate, and lead-free soy candles down to the base and then reuse the leftover pot for planting!  

Stainless steel razor

Disposable razors are an insult to the art of shaving and don’t look any prettier in your bathroom than they do in a landfill.  Class up your routine with a beautiful and sophisticated reusable stainless steel razor! 


Partner with Oceana

You may have heard, but in case you hadn’t, Dropps has partnered with Oceana, a leading ocean preservation organization, in helping turn our ocean pollution crisis around!  When you gift through Oceana, you not only will get to choose a gift depending on your contribution - a stuffed manatee, sea otter, or sea turtle, a fun marine life cookie cutter, among other fun options, your meaningful gift helps Oceana continue its mission to save our oceans!


  • In addition
    to shampoo and conditioner also do hand cream and make up and oxyclean.

  • You guys rock! Please invent high quality shampoo and conditioner pods next.


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