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It regulates our climate, provides us with food and oxygen, and is home to countless forms of life essential to earth’s wellbeing.  On Saturday, June 8th, we’re celebrating World Oceans Day to say thanks for the abundance provided by the waters we literally owe the world to!

Did you know the ocean is home to an estimated 700,000 to one million species, many of which haven’t yet been discovered?  The lives of so many have relied on these awe (and fear) inspiring bodies of water since the dawn of time, and within the short history of human industrialization, this ecosystem has changed dramatically.  With plastic resting in the deepest explored depths of the ocean, and millions of pounds of trash flooding in annually, the time to bring awareness and a solution to the table is now, and that’s what World Ocean Day is all about!

Much like Earth Day, World Oceans Day is meant to help start a dialogue and raise awareness of the impact each of us has on the world's oceans, and the difference we can make in improving them!  Not everyone acknowledges the interconnectedness we have to earth’s various systems thanks to what the ocean provides. A simple conversation can be all it takes to make a change at the most basic one-on-one level.  Even the smallest of actions count!

Every environmental event doesn't have to harp on the negative and scary points though.  Consider throwing a celebration! The ocean gives us so much, why not acknowledge it by throwing an ocean party with your closest friends, not only to plant an idea in their mind, but to recognize the joy that comes from the natural world!  Keep things fun with a dress up theme, or take your party to the beach itself and dedicate an afternoon to cleaning up the shores with your favorite folks!

Throwing your own party a little too time consuming?  Spread the word on social media! If Earth Hour taught us anything, it’s that social media has been, and will continue to be, an integral part of spreading awareness and making change.  Share your relationship with the oceans, some news about them, or simply let your friends know it’s an effort you care about.

For more info on World Oceans Day, visit or join the conversation on Facebook!


[Photos: Pasquale Vassallo, Stazione Zoologica Anton Dohrn,]

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