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During these times of uncertainty, social distancing, and questions of health, we know that stress may be high. For some, quarantining has simply meant extra time at home with the family, and a welcomed reprieve from the typical busyness of everyday life. (What a gift that can be!) Others are not as fortunate and have felt the negative effects of this time in big, life-altering ways. No matter what your situation is, we know we could all use an extra dosage of mental and physical wellness, wherever we can get it.  

Similar to our efforts for sustainability, every small detail of day-to-day life counts. We made it a goal to find a handful of resources to share with you that we hope can elevate your overall health and bring you a bit of peace. While it may not be possible at the moment to gather with friends, or find comfort in your usual routines, we know there are plenty of options to integrate into your quarantine to stay sane, stay fit, and stay relaxed. Here are just a few ideas:




  • Enjoy free meditations via Headspace or Calm.
  • Find meditation practices for kids with the Mindful App!
  • Connect with a personal teacher LIVE with Journey Meditation (7-day free trial).
  • Journal Prompts for Anxiety and Depression.
  • Download the app Daylio, which helps you track your mood and daily activity so you can keep a schedule that's beneficial to your mental health.
  • Jennifer Rollin, a therapist who specializes in eating disorders, is a great person to follow on Instagram if you're dealing with one
  • Engage in spring cleaning, clear clutter and donate household items. (May we suggest a corresponding Netflix binge of Tidying Up with Mari Kondo?)
  • Designate a time of day to check in on the news and stay informed, and let the rest of the day be COVID news free. 
  • Reach out to others and offer help. Social distancing can offer and opportunity to reinvest in and recreate social bonds! Consider providing for and helping those at risk or marginalized (e.g., the elderly, disabled and homeless; survivors of natural disasters; and people living in shelters).
  • Donate to your local food bank.
  • Find a CBD based product on Healist Naturals to help you sleep, boost your immunity, or calm your nerves.


  • Kick start a yoga practice with My Yoga Works.
  • Participate in various movement-based classes offer FREE and throughout the day at Movement For Hope.
  • Try a free trial with Barre3
  • Go for a walk around your neighborhood or at a local park (assuming it is vacant enough to practice safe social distancing!)
  • Tune into the The Smithsonian Channel’s Facebook page, where personality Julie Montagu is offering yoga and breathing breaks twice a week/
  • Check out this article to find the perfect workout app for you!



  • Learn a new language on Duolingo!
  • Take art classes on Creative Bug or Skillshare (first two months are free!)
  • Take courses from Ivy League schools
  • Take FREE film classes from Sundance Co//ab 
  • Watch virtual cooking lessons from famous chefs, as well as vendors from Borough Market!
  • Do a puzzle!
  • Revive your love of reading by finding new books or tracking your reading progress with Goodreads!
  • Browse Etsy for home goods to find a small business owner to support while bringing in a bit of extra joy into your home. 
  • Mosey through national parks from the comfort of the couch with free virtual tours.
  • Learn an instrument! Fender Play is offering three months of free virtual guitar lessons amid the pandemic.

We know that the wellness of one individual can significantly contribute to the wellness of our world as a whole! We hope that we can be a small but mighty influence in helping our world heal. May we all stay connected in whatever ways we can and find daily, intentional choices to make for a happier heart and home. 


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