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There's no doubt that times are tough right now. We're experiencing a worldwide pandemic, while right in the middle of an election year. With everything going on in the news cycle and our daily lives, it's completely normal to feel overwhelmed and a bit stressed. That's why we at Dropps want to make sure you feel well prepared going into Election Day next month. We've gathered some quick tips and useful resources to help you check off voting on your busy to-do lists.

1. Check your voting registration and find your polling location and its hours. 

  • You can do that here!

2. Do your research. Know who and what will be on the ballot by looking at a sample ballot based on your location before you go to the polls. 

  • Review a sample ballot based on your voter registration ahead of time that  at Ballotpedia.

3. Know Your rights. The freedom to vote is a fundamental right.

  • The ACLU has a handy guide for how to exercise your voter rights in every situation, including voting with a disability, voting before Election Day, and dealing with someone interfering with your right to vote.

4. If you didn’t pre-register, bring the materials you need to register.

  • Find out more about same day registration and if your state offers it here

5. Prepare for a line. Bring water, snacks, and wear comfortable shoes. 

6. Tell your friends and family to vote.

7. Be safe! Wear a mask, bring hand sanitizer, and avoid touching your face.

Happy Voting! 


  • This message, as well as your products, are freaking awesome. I am a lifelong customer!

    Cindy Bennett Peters
  • I thank you for the voting tips. I voted absentee this year for the first time ever. I am of the age where I dont want to be around a large crowd of people. There is something special though about voting in person. Just vote if you can . Thanks

  • We already voted! Thanks for reminding us of our civic duty as American citizens! Everyone must do their part!

    Cindy Brown
  • So cool that you put this kind of information out. Every year, but this year especially, is so, so important. Thank you for helping get out the vote!

    Gina Blume

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