Meet Your Laundry Room Superhero


There’s nothing more disappointing than seeing a beloved article of clothing ruined by a stain. Thankfully, this can be a rare occurrence if you have the right tool in your laundry kit. A powerful, chlorine-free bleach alternative may be just what you need to tackle everything from grass to blood to ketchup – and you don’t have to worry about colors running or fading, either! Here’s what you need to know about this often overlooked product that has a purpose in every home.

Why not Traditional Bleach?

The bleach our moms used growing up – and in some households today – is made with sodium hypochlorite. This agent is very toxic. If not used carefully, it can also bleach out the color from any clothing that it touches, even after just a few seconds! If that’s not scary enough, it can damage clothes with its harsh chemistry and leave whites slightly yellow after repeated uses. Who wants that? Fortunately, laundry has evolved since then, and there is a better way!

The Benefits of Oxygen

Are you new to the idea of oxygen bleach? This ingredient works much in the same way as traditional bleach, in that it can get rid of tough odors and stains while keeping your colors bright and your whites white. I can even make colors more vibrant than before and bring out the best in your white loads. The natural, non-irritating sodium percarbonate found in oxygen bleach – and our Dropps Oxi Booster Pods are just as effective in keeping your laundry looking great, but without the toxicity of traditional chlorine bleach. Plus, you’ll never have to explain messy bleach spots on your clothes from an “oops!” laundry moment.

Most fabrics are safe to use with the oxygen bleach products, and our Oxi Booster laundry pods are designed with the care of your clothes in mind. Plus, you can use them in your top-loading or front-loading washing machines – even if they are High Efficiency (HE) models.

Better for Babies, Too!

If you use cloth diapers with your baby, we have good news for you! Our Oxi Booster Pods are designed with baby’s sensitive skin in mind. Feel good knowing that the product is tough on icky diapers, baby food stains, and other messes, but can be used safely with your little's wardrobe. In fact, you can use this same product for the whole family!

While oxygen bleach is by far the best choice for getting the dinge out of your clothes and keeping them looking their best, you’ll want to check your fabric’s care tag to be sure that your clothes are detergent-safe before you use. Some items (such as silk and dry-clean only garments) don’t do well with any bleach or laundry detergent, and these wouldn’t be appropriate to treat with the Oxi product.

Best for All Laundry – and Your Whole Home

Before you toss that tired-looking t-shirt in the donation bin, see about using Oxi Booster in your next load. Sometimes, clothes just need a shot of oxygen bleach to bring out the bold colors and get grunge gone forever. Regular use of the Oxi Boost is the best way to keep even items you don’t stain looking their very best.

Finally, if you love what oxygen bleach does for your laundry, you’ll love it for all your household cleaning tasks. It is perfect for spot cleaning upholstery and curtains. Plus, it puts pet stains on notice when cleaning grimy carpet and rugs. Anywhere you’d use typical chlorine bleach – you can use a chlorine-free alternative.

What creative ways can you think of to use this better bleach in your home?