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COVID-19 may have changed what going back to school looks like this year but luckily, the learning never stops. With the new school year just around the corner, we put together some of our top favorite sustainable brands creating products that will make transitioning back to learning mode easy and eco-friendly. Whether you’re a college student going back to campus, a teacher heading for the classroom, or parents juggling homeschooling the little ones, there’s something for everyone on this eco-friendly list! 

For the college freshman…. 

  1. Zero-Waste Bathroom Kit: Make it easy to go waste-free in your bathroom routine with this all-in-one eco-friendly bathroom kit. It has it all –– from cotton bamboo rounds to an antibacterial bamboo brush. 
  2. Cork Laptop Sleeve: Protect your tech with this super sleek and all natural cork laptop sleeve. 
  3. Sustainable Bedding: Dress up your dorm in sustainable bedding. Coyuchi offers bed and bath sets that are chemical-free, dye-free, and made with organic farming. 

For the homeschooling mom or dad.... 

  1. Non-Toxic Crayons: Honey Sticks makes 100% beeswax crayons that are all-natural and packaged plastic-free in 100% recycled paper. Allow your kids to get creative while being safe for themselves and the planet. 
  2. Sustainable Notebooks: All you need is a few of these Decomposition notebooks made out of 100% post-consumer-waste recycled paper and you’ll be good to go! 
  3. Silicone Snack Bags: Prep all of your kiddie’s snacks for the week in reusable snack bags from Stasher. They’re dishwasher and microwave safe and endlessly reusable. 

For the high school senior....

  1. Wood Pencils: A pencil that turns into a plant when you’re done with it? Yes please. Once you’ve finished your Sprout Pencil, plant it in soil and watch it grow into herbs, flowers, or even vegetables. 
  2. Upcycled Backpack: Looking for a new backpack? Buy one made from upcycled materials. Rareform offers various styles and sizes of backpacks, totes, and duffel bags that are made from used billboard linings that would’ve otherwise been sent to landfills. 
  3. Phone Case: Stop covering your phone in plastic cases. Instead try a Pela Case, which is a 100% compostable phone case that protects your phone and the planet by keeping plastic out of our landfills and oceans. 

For the teacher….

  1. Eco Cleaning Tools: Keep your classroom squeaky clean with all natural and eco-responsible cleaning tools. 
  2. Wheat Straw Tissues: These wheat straw tissues not only are un-bleached but will also turn into soil when composted! 
  3. Bamboo Dry Erase Board: Instead of wasting endless amounts of paper, write out your agendas and to-do lists on a reusable bamboo dry erase board. 

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