12 Pets Who Have Their Own Ideas About Laundry Day

Our four-legged friends might not usually wear clothing (well, at least not by choice), but chances are they've still got some opinions about laundry day, too.

For some, they might experience a slight state of harrumph over the fact that you're suddenly too tied up to give 'em that ear scratch or extra-long hike they've been looking forward to. For these dozen furbabies, though, all that washing action just serves as a gentle reminder that their human pets have really cool, big toys just waiting for them to play with, interruptions be darned. 

1. Like this dog, who wants to be a good helper for mommy, but that pesky cat's in the way again.

    Meanwhile, our feline friend is just happy to accept the doggy's generous donation to the snuggle pile. 

    2. And these otters, who know that linens are the perfect tug-of-war toys, and you won't convince them otherwise. 

      Gotta give the edge to the one on the ground this round. 

      3. One human's dryer ball is another animal's cozy hiding spot. 

        This is totally a whisker-approved safe space, guys.

        4. And this wombat just wants all the warmth to himself.

          No sharezies, got that?

          5. This pooch just sniffed out the perfect new hiding spot for a scrumptious bone.

            Hey, at least there's no mud mess involved, so ... small victories?

            6. This kitty doesn't think you need all the clothes today.

            Okay, fine. Take the sweater. But touch the sheets, and you're getting the back claws

            7. This cat just wants everyone to back away from the sock already. 

            He really just wants this one thing to himself, that's all, geesh.

            8. Oh, and hamper catch is the best game you've never played.

            This baby could literally spend all of her nine lives in that basket and feel complete because it doesn't get much better than this. 

            9. Look at this pup, who has just discovered the most ridiculous bed in the history of sleep.

            It's already broken, guys.

            10. This joey just wants whatever this flailing thing is and doesn't understand why he can't have it.

            You might say he's hopping mad over this little mix-up.

            11. These two just found the purr-fect new play perch.

            Tall? Check. Climbable? Check. Wobbly and likely to cause a devastating fall? Double check. It's absolutely irresistible. 

            12. And last but not least, get a load of this scamp who's declared himself the boss of the basket (and everything else, probably). 

            He'll work for treats, tummy rubs, and hourly reminders of his "good boy" status.