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There are a lot of great techniques for fighting stains, protecting color, and prolonging the lifespan of our favorite fashions floating around, but there are also a load of false rumors about clothing care that still haven’t been completely scrubbed. Separate fact from fiction and keep your cleaning routine from being muddied by bad myths! Here’s a breakdown of some of the most misleading laundry tips about color that need to be hung out to dry once and for all.


Hairspray takes out ink stains.

Once upon a time, this one was actually true, and spraying alcohol-based hairspray on ink splotches could help get them out. Nowadays, though, sprays aren’t made the same way and can actually double up the dose of stains if applied to fabrics, so steer clear of this faux life hack.

Bleach and detergent go hand in hand.

It might seem like a good idea to throw both your bleach and detergent in at the same time before a cycle, but actually, you should give it about five minutes before you put the bleach in because it counteracts the enzymes in detergent and prevents them from properly cleaning the garments.

Salt water prevents color bleeds.

Not all materials are created equally, so sometimes a fabric might run in the wash. It’s a groan-inducing reality, but soaking the clothes in salt water isn’t going to stop it from happening, sorry.

Coffee and tea keeps black clothes intact.

Unfortunately, this one is also untrue. This supposed trick might give you a little jolt just from the cafe smell achieved by tossing in a scoop of grounds, but it’s not going to darken your threads.

Soaking in Warm Water and Aspirin Can Whiten Your Clothes

Have you heard this one? A little wild, but this myth was circulating the internet for quite some time. But of course, it doesn’t work!However, this myth may have spread because soaking whites in hot water does allow some dirt to lift off during the soaking process. Just don’t add aspirin to it. Your detergent is strong enough! (Especially with the help of an Oxi Boost Pod!)

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