The Best Solution for Smelly Kid Clothes and Socks


You love the kids in your life—but you don’t love the smelly laundry they create. From gym class to arts and crafts, there is no end to how many ways their laundry can be dirtied. Looking for the best solution for those stubborn stains and persistently stinky socks? Don’t worry—Dropps is here to help.

Choose the Right Detergent

The first step to blasting away stubborn smells is choosing the right detergent! We recommend choosing a detergent that contains enzymes, like Dropps Active Wash. Originally designed for workout wear and gear, Active Wash contains 5 enzymes specifically chosen to tackle all types of stains and odors. This detergent is tough on stains and smells while being gentle on skin and clothing. Don’t let the fitness-focused name fool you; this powerhouse detergent is perfect for anywhere you need an extra bit of cleaning power.

When you’re ready to wash, simply add one Active Wash Pod to the washing machine, underneath or behind your laundry. The small but concentrated pod will take care of the rest! 

Know Your Laundry Settings

Conventional wisdom dictates that hot water helps sanitize and blast odors away—but hot water can also cause stains to set permanently. We recommend washing using cold or warm water, both for the environmental impact and to preserve the longevity of your kid’s clothing! When in doubt, be sure to check the care labels on the items in question.

Still Need More Cleaning Power? Add an Oxi Booster!

Stubborn, set-in stains still sticking around? Add an Oxi Booster pod to the wash! This color safe bleach alternative will melt away tough stains and odors, leaving your kid’s clothes and socks looking and feeling so fresh and so clean. Simply add one pod to the wash along with the detergent and run the cycle as normal. Your laundry will be fresh, bright, and ready for your little one’s next big adventure!