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Sustainability Roundup: September 2019


Here's what we're reading this month:

This New Bioreactor Uses Algae to Capture as Much Carbon Dioxide as an Acre of Trees via Good News Network

"As the algae consumes CO2, it also produces biomass, which can then be harvested and processed to create fuel, oils, nutrient-rich high-protein food sources, fertilizers, plastics, cosmetics, and more."


Photo credit: Lucky-photo/Shutterstock

The world's largest privately owned giant sequoia forest may soon be protected via Mother Earth News

"A conservation group has reached a $15.65 million deal to buy the largest privately owned giant sequoia grove left on Earth, an ancient forest with hundreds of the endangered redwood trees, which can live for 3,000 years and rise nearly as tall as the Statue of Liberty."


The Benefits of Investing in Zero-Carbon Cities via Environmental News Network

"A new report shows low carbon measures in cities could reduce urban emissions by nearly 90% and support 87 million jobs worldwide by 2030."


Photo Credit: Jeb Wallace-Brodeur

Are We Handling The Bee Crisis All Wrong? via Huffpost

"The Vermont team recorded the numbers and identities of bees on 15 blueberry farms across the state, as well as the yield. More visits from wild bees led to bigger, better and more bountiful berries."


Your Soothing Cup of Tea May Contain Billions of Microplastics via Smithsonian Magazine

"That’s ‘several orders of magnitude higher than plastic loads previously reported in other foods,’ according to a new study."

What were your top reads this month? Drop a link in the comments!


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