Sustainability Roundup October 2021


Here's what we're reading this month:

Is The Halloween Supply Chain A Sustainability Nightmare? via Forbes

"If you think witches, ghosts and vampires are the scariest things about Halloween, think again. The massive amount of damage done to the earth and humanity with the mass production of disposable Halloween costumes, toxic makeup, and candy wrappers is much scarier."


Kebony raises $34M to make sustainable softwood behave like hardwood, using food waste via TechCrunch

"It’s fairly simple: Softwood grows a lot faster – in ‘sustainable’ forests – than hardwood. The latter is often found in bio-diverse old-growth forests like, um, the Amazon. So if you could make softwood behave like hardwood, you’d not only access more sustainable wood for construction, you’d also protect hardwood forests from destruction. Plus, you save a lof of GHG emissions."

Indigenous Amazon Communities Fight Deforestation with New Early-Alert Tool via Scientific American

"A pilot program reveals that deforestation declined when Peruvian Indigenous communities use an early-alert-system app to detect forest loss"

Don’t Rake Those Leaves: Good for Your Yard, and Good For the Planet via Good News Network

"The National Wildlife Federation says leaving leaves where they fall helps critters in your yard and contributes to a healthy ecosystem."


Extra Credit: Movie of the Month

No Impact Man: the story of author Colin Beavan, who went completely "green," giving up virtually all of the comforts of modern living -- electricity, gas-powered transportation, shipped food and public waste disposal -- in a drastic effort to curb his environmental impact.

Check out this oldie, but goodie, and let us know; could you and your family go a year without producing any waste?


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