Sustainability Roundup: May 2019


From problematic traditions to travels of microplastics, here's what we're reading in our May 2019 Sustainability Roundup!

Here's what we're reading this month:



"'We are going to send this back': Malaysia returning unwanted Canadian plastic" via CBC

"Malaysia is denouncing Canada's "irresponsible" export of plastic waste, becoming the second Asian nation to make plans to ship Canadian trash back across the ocean."


endangered species

[Photo:CBS NEWS]

"1 million species of plants and animals at risk of extinction, U.N. report warns" via CBS NEWS

"People are putting nature in more trouble now than at any other time in human history, with the risk of extinction looming over 1 million species of plants and animals, scientists said Monday. But it's not too late to fix the problem, according to the United Nations' first comprehensive report on biodiversity."

Massive New Arbor Day Campaign Will Plant 100 Million Trees Around the World via Good News Network

“It can be easy to take trees for granted, but they are absolutely critical to maintaining balance on our planet—supporting clean air and water, healthy food and a livable climate,” 


"Why The Balloon Release Tradition Is Terrible For The Environment" via Forbes

In reality, it is increasingly known that random balloon releases have several harmful implications for the environment.


[Photo: G. Le Roux]

Tiny microplastics travel far on the wind via ScienceNews

Tiny bits of plastic that originated in cities were carried by wind to a remote mountain location at least 95 kilometers away, a study finds. It’s the first demonstration that microplastics, tiny particles ranging from a few nanometers to 5 millimeters in size, can travel far through the atmosphere.


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