Sustainability Roundup March 20201


Our March 2021 Sustainability Roundup is here! Here's what we're reading this month.

Here's what we're reading this month:

Direct Air Capture of CO2 Is Suddenly a Carbon Offset Option via Scientific American

"Canada’s largest company is funding machines that suck CO2 from the atmosphere to offset its own emissions."


What’s Good for the Ocean May Also Be Good for Business via The New York Times

"In an era of overfishing and shifting habitats because of climate change that defy international regulations, reducing the amount of fish or other marine animals that are caught by mistake could have important consequences for the health of various populations as well as ocean biodiversity as a whole, Mr. Watson said."


To help insects, make them welcome in your garden – here’s how via The Conversation

"As a scientist whose research involves insects and as a gardener, I know that many beneficial insect species are declining and need humans’ help. If you’re a gardener looking for a new challenge this year, consider revamping all or part of your yard to support beneficial insects."


Nothing Restores a River or Local Economy Like Removing a Dam via Good News Network

"Across the United States, 69 river dams were removed from American rivers in 2020, opening up 624 miles of waterways to flow freely."


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