Sustainability Roundup August 2022


Here's what we're reading this month:

Photo Credit: Olivia Liu | Upstream Alliance

River Cleanups Move to the Next Level Using Grasses and Oysters via Yale Environment 360

"In the Delaware River and other waterways and estuaries across the United States, scientists and conservationists are restoring aquatic vegetation and beds of mussels and oysters to fight pollution and create a strong foundation for healthy ecosystems."


"For the first time in 75 years, hatchlings of the world’s smallest sea turtle species have been discovered on the Chandeleur Islands, a chain of barrier islands in the Gulf of Mexico off the coast of New Orleans."


Photo Credit: Charles Smith, Nature and Culture International

Ecuador leading the way in working alongside Indigenous groups to protect sacred rainforest via EuroNews

"In the Pastaza region, seven Indigenous nationalities have joined forces with local provinces to protect the forest. This marks the first time in Ecuador that a provincial government and Indigenous communities have signed agreements to work together to reduce deforestation and forest degradation."
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