Sustainability Roundup: July 2020


Here's what we're reading this month:

Is Your Grocery List Sustainable? We Asked Climate Experts How They Shop. via Huffpost

We spoke to climate scientists, those who have dedicated their time to tackling the science and studying solutions to the climate crisis, to understand how they think through these decisions ― and what matters to them when grocery shopping.


To Eliminate Plastic, College Grad Designs Ramen Packaging That Dissolves in Hot Water via Good News Network

Inspired by countless nights spent studying in school, an eco-conscious college grad has come up with an ingenious replacement for the single-use plastics used to package instant ramen noodles.

Offshore Wind Power Now So Cheap It Could Pay Money Back to Consumers via Environmental News Network

The latest round of offshore wind farms to be built in the UK could reduce household energy bills by producing electricity very cheaply.


3 ways to prevent the next pandemic with nature, according to science via 

new study published today in Science outlines a groundbreaking plan to decrease the risk of future pandemics by 27 percent or more — with a 10-year investment that is 50 times less than the cost of coronavirus response efforts to date.



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