Sustainability Roundup July: 2019


Here's what we're reading in July's Sustainability Roundup.

Here's what we're reading this month:

[Photo Credit: Dan Kitwood/ Getty Images]

Billions of new trees could help stop climate change: Here’s how we get them via FastCompany

"A new study found that a massive reforestation effort could be a huge weapon in the climate fight. So where do we put all the trees?"


[Photo credit: Rotjan Marine Ecology Lab, Boston University]

Study Finds Microplastics Pose Deadly Threat to Corals via EcoRI News

"Coral reefs form the most biodiverse habitats in the ocean, and their health is essential to the survival of thousands of other marine species. Unfortunately, these vital underwater ecosystems are beginning to get a taste for plastic."


[Photo credit: Dan Kirby]

Conservationists Purchase Rare Temperate Rainforest, Protecting the Habitats of 40 At-Risk Species in Canada via Good News Network

"The Nature Conservancy of Canada (NCC) has achieved one of its highest conservation priorities: protecting a British Columbia watershed containing a rare temperate rainforest from development. This type of “snow forest,” which receives most of its moisture from snow, is found almost nowhere else on Earth."


[Photo credit: Kosin Sukhum]

Another Reason to Protect Elephants: Frogs Love Their Feet via Scientific American

"Some of the tiniest creatures in Myanmar benefit from living near the largest species in the area.  Newly published research reveals that frogs are laying their eggs in the rain-filled footprints of Asian elephants (Elephas maximus), which then provide a safe home for growing tadpoles."


What were your top reads of the month?


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