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Here's what we're reading this month:


A Win for the Oceans: International Sustainability Agreement via Earth911

"The culmination of two year’s work, the agreement would have been a major accomplishment even without the challenges of a pandemic obstructing the process. And it marks a major win for the oceans. It is nothing less than 14 coastal nations making the commitment to manage their national ocean waters 100% sustainably."


The New Yorker

How a Young Activist Is Helping Pope Francis Battle Climate Change via The New Yorker

"Molly Burhans wants the Catholic Church to put its assets—which include farms, forests, oil wells, and millions of acres of land—to better use. But, first, she has to map them."



Urban Forests

Tiny Urban Forests Are Popping Up on Brownfield Sites Across the Globe via Pop Up City

"Climate adaptation doesn't have to be on a massive scale. This small-scale method sees urban brownfield sites transformed into tiny urban forests by local communities, improving biodiversity and combating climate change."


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