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Here's what we're reading this month:

'Rule breaking' plants may be climate change survivors via Science Daily

"Plants that break some of the 'rules' of ecology by adapting in unconventional ways may have a higher chance of surviving climate change, according to researchers."

Tunisia to ban plastic bags in supermarkets and chemists via The Guardian

"Tunisia has announced plans to stop its supermarkets and pharmacies from using single-use plastic bags from next month before phasing them out completely in 2021."

Saltwater Toilets May Soon Begin Saving Fresh Water Around the World Thanks to New Red Sea Bacteria via Good News Network

"Currently, toilet flushing accounts for about 30% of the world’s total domestic water demand, and using seawater could alleviate that pressure on freshwater resources. A research team from King Abdullah University of Science and Technology (KAUST) believes they have figured out how it can be done efficiently."

 Living "Concrete" Made From Bacteria Used to Create Replicating Bricks via New Scientist

"A type of living concrete made from bacteria could one day help to reduce the environmental impact of the construction industry."


What were your top reads this month? Drop a link in the comments!


Disclaimer: The views and opinions expressed in these articles are those of the authors and do not necessarily reflect the official policies or position of Dropps / Cot’n Wash, Inc. 


  • The article on self replicating mortar material is positively jaw dropping! Thank you for sharing! Now we just have to prevent the concrete manufacturers from squashing that amazing discovery.

    Cherie Morris
  • I hope you are working on a dish soap That will work in my dispenser. No plastic, of course.

    Carol BASON

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