Sustainability Roundup: April 2020


Here's what we're reading this month in Sustainability News: 100 endangered sea turtles have hatched, white tailed eagles are flying over England, and more!

Here's what we're reading this month:



Thanks To Deserted Beaches, 100 Critically Endangered Sea Turtles Have Hatched via Gasanature

"In Brazil, the hawksbill sea turtle, a critically endangered species of sea turtle, took full advantage of closed beaches. Nearly 100 of these endangered sea turtles hatched and made their way to the sea without disruption thanks to the deserted beach."


For the First Time in 240 Years, White-Tailed Eagles Spotted Flying Over England via Good News Network

"Eagles had been nearly hunted to extinction throughout England, Ireland, Scotland, and Wales—but researchers are saying they are now making a triumphant return."



Solar Power Is Sustainable for the Economy, Too via Wired

"GOOD NEWS HAS been rare this past decade, so here's some: Since 2010, the cost of generating solar electric power has dropped by 80 percent, and gigantic photovoltaic plants, some spanning thousands of acres, are transforming the economics of green energy."


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