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Here's what we're reading this month:

(Photo: Ulet Ifansasti/Getty images)

Indonesia's food chain turns toxic as plastic waste exports flood in via The Guardian

"A new study that sampled chicken eggs around sites in the country where plastic waste accumulates identified alarming levels of dioxins and polychlorinated biphenyls long recognised as extremely injurious to human health."


Saving ‘Half-Earth’ for Nature Would Affect Over a Billion People via Environment News Network

"As the extinction crisis escalates, and protest movements grow, some are calling for hugely ambitious conservation targets. Among the most prominent is sparing 50% of the Earth’s surface for nature."


New Zealand Passes Historic Carbon Neutrality Legislation in Near-Unanimous Vote via Good News Network

"The government of New Zealand has just enshrined their commitments to the Paris Agreement by approving a new piece of legislation which will require the nation to achieve carbon neutrality by 2050. In a historic show of bipartisan agreement, the Climate Change Response (Zero Carbon) Amendment Bill was passed last week in a 119-1 vote."


'Artificial leaf' successfully produces clean gas via Sciencedaily

"A widely-used gas that is currently produced from fossil fuels can instead be made by an 'artificial leaf' that uses only sunlight, carbon dioxide and water, and which could eventually be used to develop a sustainable liquid fuel alternative to petrol."



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