Sustainability Review May 2021


Here's what we're reading this month:

Sustainable City Sparks Action in Dubai via FoodTank

"The City was built with a three-tiered approach to sustainability, accounting for social, environmental, and economic sustainability. The City’s developers aim to create a self-sustaining community and promote conscious living."

Pandemic Drives Demand for Sustainable Products, Finds U.S. Cotton Trust Protocol via The Sustainability Alliance

"Two-thirds of clothing brands and retailers in the UK and U.S. have seen a rise in demand for sustainable products in the past 12 months, while a similar proportion have enhanced sustainable practices within their own business. That’s according to a U.S. Cotton Trust Protocol survey of 1,000 sustainability decision-makers, which found a growing trend of environmental sustainability."


In climate push, G7 agrees to stop international funding for coal via Reuters

"The world’s seven largest advanced economies agreed on Friday to stop international financing of coal projects that emit carbon by the end of this year, and phase out such support for all fossil fuels, to meet globally agreed climate change targets."


Why sustainability needs to be on every retailer’s agenda now via The Drum

"‘Sustainability’ is a term that’s thrown around so loosely these days it’s in danger of becoming meaningless. Retailers have promised to decarbonize over the next few decades, but their actual commitments in 2021 are vague and the industry’s carbon footprint remains staggeringly high."


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