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Support NYC Local Restaurants and First Responders with Feed the Frontlines

Due to the global COVID-19 pandemic, many aspects of our daily lives have been disrupted to keep each other safe and healthy. One being the way we dine at local restaurants and bars. Many local restaurants were forced to shut down, increasing the number of food-insecure people and unemployed restaurant workers. Feed the Frontlines NYC was founded at the start of the pandemic to help alleviate the economic strain on local NYC restaurants and benefit overburdened healthcare workers battling the pandemic

Feed the Frontlines allows generous contributors to purchase meals from restaurants around New York City to be delivered to first responders and those facing food insecurity. Since they launched in March, Feed the Frontlines has delivered over 137,000 nourishing meals to New Yorkers who need them most. Over 30 local restaurants are open and employing staff thanks to their support, and they envision a future in which local restaurants can play a sustained role in alleviating food insecurity. 

Want to get involved? Dropps encourages you to contribute to their ongoing support of New York's frontlines and local restaurants by purchasing meals for first responders and those facing food insecurity. Click on the link below to donate now. 

Click Here to Buy Meals at Feed The Frontlines NYC. 

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