Whether you're a skier, a snowboarder, or an innocent bystander, many of us are forced to face the cold weather this time of year like it or not!  If you're going to brave the cold you may as well dress for the occasion, and properly take care of your winter wear afterward. Here are some helpful tips to keep those pricey jackets and pants clean and in tip top shape for years to come!

The key to proper coat care is in the stuffing. Down should be washed on a regular cold cycle. If you think your detergent might not wash out entirely run it through another rinse cycle without detergent.  Dry on the lowest heat setting with some Wool Dryer Balls to break up any insulation that might get clumped in the process, and your coat should be fluffy and clean for its next use.

For synthetic fillers and down alternatives use a detergent suitable for synthetic fabrics, and wash on cold. Tumble drying will prevent any overheating, clumping, or melting, and will instead keep your jacket billowing with evenly dispersed stuffing.  The lower heat setting should save you some money too!

Gore-tex is a synthetic jacket coating that will keep you waterproofed and dry.  This coating needs to be washed and dried to reactivate and continue being useful for you and your jacket.  Washing care will depend on individual jackets, so always check the tag, and tumble dry on warm to reactivate the DWR!

Snow pants should be wiped clean of any excess debris and hang dried between each use.  When it comes time to wash, use a gentle detergent in a cold water delicate cycle and never put in the dryer.  Hang up your snow pants and they should be good as new once dried!