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We’ve all been there; you’re packing for your long awaited summer vacation and you’re good to go except for that one pesky (but important) step before getting on your plane… getting through TSA!  If you’re only packing a carry on, the need to wash what you're able to fit will be huge, and the space to bring your detergent… well, not so much. Not to fear, Small Loads Laundry Detergent Pods are here!


Not everyone keeps it simple in a single piece of luggage.  For those expecting to be away from home for awhile, keeping the clothes you packed in your luggage clean can be difficult, especially without a laundromat.  Small Loads are the perfect option! Small enough to throw a couple in your carry-on, and delivered in a compostable box strong enough to withstand baggage claim, Small Loads are a go to travel option for everyone set to jet in the coming months and beyond.  


Did we mention with Small Loads you won’t have to worry about surpassing that 50lb luggage weight limit?  Don't pay for plastic just because you're traveling.  Pack the eco-friendly option and get the job done anywhere.  Getting your laundry done at your hotel can cost unreal amounts of money, with some establishments charging over $30 to wash a small load of laundry!  Count out the pods you’ll need for your getaway and get to packing your 49.9lbs of other travel must-haves.


[Photo: Ross Parmly]


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