Simple Swaps to Reduce Single Use Plastic in your Kitchen


Are you on the journey to creating a low-waste home? Finding sustainable home solutions is a fun challenge, and there is no room with more options than the kitchen. Going plastic-free in the kitchen may seem intimidating, but don’t worry. It’s easy to start with simple swaps to reduce single-use plastic in your kitchen. Hello, low waste eco-friendly kitchen of your dreams! Here are a few places to start.


Swap Dish Soap for Dish Spray

No dishwasher? No problem! Did you know that a dishwasher actually uses more water than handwashing your dishes? Traditional dishwashing liquid comes in a messy, plastic bottle. Consider switching to Dropps Power Dish Spray. Our Power Dish Spray has micro-scrubbing technology to instantly cut through stuck-on food and grease, and the unique spray application makes sure you aren’t pouring valuable product down the drain. Plus, the refillable, recyclable amber glass bottle will look great on your counter!

Remember your Bags!

We all know to bring reusable shopping bags to the grocery store–but what about produce bags? Investing in a set of reusable produce bags is a great way to reduce your single-use plastic. They’re also great for places that may not have plastic produce bags, such as your local farm stand or farmer's market! 

Use Refillable Hand Soap

Next time your plastic bottle of soap runs out, replace it with a refillable glass option, like Dropps Foaming Hand Soap. Our eco-friendly refillable amber glass bottle and refill pods eliminate the need for single-use plastic. The only thing cleaner than your hands will be your crystal clear conscience. 

Buy in Bulk

Purchase products like grains, spices, and nuts from a store with a bulk section, rather than purchasing them in disposable containers. Bonus: bulk products are often cheaper than traditional products, and you can be sure to get the amount you need!

Look for Compostable Cleaning Tools

Even the best cleaning tool eventually reaches the end of its life. Look for compostable reusable cleaning tools, so that those sponges and kitchen brushes can break down at the end of their life instead of sitting in a landfill. Dropps Pop Up Sponges are plastic-free and made of all-natural cellulose materials, and our ergonomic Kitchen Brushes have sustainable bamboo handles.

These are just a few easy swaps on your journey to a low waste kitchen! What swaps will you make to help reduce single-use plastic in your home?