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Happy July everyone! We’re excited for this month, not just because summer is upon us, but because one of our favorite holidays is in full swing. It’s Plastic-Free July! Starting out in 2011 as a local initiative of the Western Metropolitan Regional Council in Western Australia, the Plastic Free July challenge has rapidly grown into a global movement engaging millions of people in more than 170 countries around the world.

Here’s something scary: Did you know scientists estimate that by 2050 there will be more plastic than fish in the world’s oceans? This means that our children’s children won’t have quite the beautiful beach vacation we might be dreaming for them, and even worse, marine biology will die off at a staggering rate. Plastic finds its way into the stomachs of fish and birds, and doesn’t end its journey there. It’s been discovered that even humans who eat seafood are ingesting small amounts of plastic. So that single-use plastic that seems like no big deal to us today, just may come back to haunt us in the belly of our trout!

Here’s the good news: there is so much you can do to fight this plastic storm, and an entire community is behind you in your fight to go plastic-free! Are you ready for the challenge? Whether you’d like to count yourself as a beginner (committing to eliminating one disposable item from your habits this month), an intermediate (avoiding the worst offenders: single-use plastic straws, coffee cups, grocery bags, or water bottles) or an expert plastic fighter (no more single-use plastic for you), you are invited to this plastic-free party! 

Get prepped for the party!

1. Sign the Dropps Pledge

Take our pledge to commit yourself to reducing single-use plastic alongside us. Our eco-responsible packaging is designed to reduce single-use plastic and leave no trace on the environment. By choosing Dropps, you've helped keep over 1.2 million single-use plastic bottles, jugs, tubs, and pouches from polluting our oceans and waterways. 

2. Switch to reusable cups & bottles.

Don’t worry friends. You can still enjoy your coffee every day! (Whew!) Find a reusable coffee cup or water bottle that is reliable, flexible, and even matches your aesthetic! Check out KeepCup, Frank Green, JOCO, Kleen Kanteen, Hydroflask, and S’well bottles.

3. Ditch the plastic bag when you shop.

While many supermarkets and grocery stores now encourage shoppers to bring their own bags, one of the easiest places to forget is when you’re shopping for clothes. Check out Baggu for a great foldable little bag to take with you just about anywhere. Never get caught bringing home plastic again!

4. Brush like a pro. 

There are tons of fun and functional toothbrushes out there that are helping to fight plastic waste! Consider switching to a biodegradable bamboo or wooden toothbrush, and you’ll be keeping yourself AND the planet squeaky clean!

5. Make “no” your favorite word.

You’d be surprised how much plastic we accept without even thinking about it, especially while we are out and about. Be ready to tell every shop attendant ‘no thanks’ when they offer a plastic bag, and tell your bartender your cocktail needs no straw! If straws are a necessity for you, consider investing in a metal, glass, or bamboo straw that you can pack with you!  

6. Dance like the whole ocean is watching!

There’s more to do than switch over your personal habits –– if you’re up for more. As Kaitlin Grable from Greenpeace shares, “If your bathtub was overflowing, you wouldn’t immediately reach for a mop. You would first turn off the tap. That’s what we need to do with plastics.” So once you’ve got your party gear all set and you’re jamming out with reusable flair, sign your name to demand big corporations act to reduce their plastic footprint! You can also urge your supermarkets to go plastic free, and check out this list of plastic free clothing brands to support. 

Onward and upward! Happy July, from all of us at Dropps.


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