Plastic-free Halloween Costume Ideas


It’s everyone’s favorite spooky season! Costumes, treats, pumpkins, scary movies, what could be better? We are here to bring you some fun and quick costume ideas to help spark your imagination and get you feeling crafty. Even in a pinch, there are tons of plastic-free options for festive attire. 

Plastic-free Halloween Costume Ideas:

  • Jellyfish: Attach string, ribbon, or any kind of fabric to a clear or bubble umbrella for this fun & easy look!
  • Bandit: Snag a black-and-white shirt, black gloves, black face paint or costume masks, and use a fabric marker to draw a dollar sign on a pillow case to serve as your money bag!
  • Zombie: Rip up some old tee shirts, distress with dirt or beetroot, and use some face paint to create your undead look!
  • Living doll: Thrift a frilly dress and add a bonnet.
  • Scarecrow: Fannel, jeans, straw sticking out of your clothes, and more face paint.
  • Knight in shining armor: Cardboard and tin foil can work wonders!
  • Fortune Teller: Grab your favorite hoop earrings, head scarf, and a flower skirt
  • Use these iron-on templates to create fun costumes with clothes you have at home!
  • Create this potted plant hat and pair it with green clothing 
  • A COVID-friendly option: Dress up your masks by incorporating them into your costume
  • Get crafty with tee shirts and paper to make cartoon character costumes like this adorable Flinestone’s costume!
  • Search through Primary’s full DIY Costume guide

Another great idea is to host a small costume swap in your neighborhood! If you’ve got costumes you’ve loved in years past, or are looking for something new in short notice, check in with those nearby to see what you can share. As the 31st comes up, there are lots of other ways to stay earth-conscious as well. Check out this guide for how to have a plastic-free Halloween. However you might be celebrating this year, we wish you and yours a safe and joyful spooky season.