Buying organic is top of mind when it comes to organic food and cleaning products, but what about your clothing? 

organic cotton

Buying organic is top of mind when it comes to organic food and cleaning products, but what about your clothing? 

According to Cotton Inc., 60% of women's clothing contains cotton fibers, and 75% of men's clothing contains cotton fibers. It's soft, hypoallergenic and breathable, making it the natural fiber choice for everything from clothing to sheets and towels. The downside of cotton? A shocking less than one percent of all cotton grown is organic. 

Choosing organic materials, like cotton, means that the materials are grown in a way that uses methods and materials that lessen the impact on the planet. Crops aren't treated with GMO's or chemical pesticides that are toxic for farm workers, consumers, and wildlife eco-systems. They also use growing methods and techniques that are better for the earth - they maintain soil fertility and help build diverse agricultural ecosystems. And, they use way less water. That's something we can get behind.

Are you ready to make the switch to organic cotton?

Meet Pact: Pact was founded by an organic food entrepreneur (Bare Naked Granola™, Evol™) who passionately believed that if people care what goes into their bodies they should also care what goes on their bodies.  His goal is to make organic clothing available and affordable to all; Pact doesn’t do the trendy “organic mark up”. 

Pact Organic Clothing

Pact uses 100% organic cotton and other sustainable materials to create extremely soft clothes for the whole family -- men, women, & kids.  They seek out Fair Trade Certified™ factories that pay fair wages, employ ethical practices, and address the wage gap between men and women.  Their practices take care of people and the planet so people don’t have to worry about how your tee, hoodie or thong were produced.   As a further testament, their selection of products are sold in all 400+ Whole Foods nationwide.

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