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Monthly Sustainability Roundup: April 2019


From biodegradable bags to planet friendly cuisine, here's what we're reading this month in our April 2019 Sustainability roundtrip.

Here’s what we're reading this month:

biodegradable bags

"Biodegradable shopping bags buried for three years still work" via National Geographic

"A plastic shopping bag buried in soil for three years could still hold a full load of groceries."

vietnamese cuisine

Photo Credit: Legal Nomads

"These Five Cuisines Are Easier on the Planet" via The New York Times

"Is there a cuisine somewhere in the world that is healthy both for us and for the planet we live on? And if one exists, would we even want to eat it?"


solar panels


"Solar Energy Capacity in US Cities Has Doubled in the Last 6 Years" via Yale Environment

"Cities are rapidly adopting solar energy and driving the renewable energy transition across the country, bringing pollution-free power to our homes, schools and workplaces.


Photo Credit: NASA

"7 Things We've Learned about Earth Since Last Earth Day" via Vox

"We continue to shape life on Earth, and threaten our survival, in unexpected ways."

What were your top reads this month? Drop a link in the comments!


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