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Here’s what we're reading this month:

"More than ever, our clothes are made of plastic. Just washing them can pollute the oceans." via Vox

"These fibers contribute to ocean plastic pollution in a subtle but pervasive way: The fabrics they make — along with synthetic-natural blends — leach into the environment just by being washed. Estimates vary, but it’s possible that a single load of laundry could release hundreds of thousands of fibers from our clothes into the water supply."

Photo Credit: Jenna Jambeck

"Hundreds of US cities are killing or scaling back their recycling programs" via Vox

China stopped importing trash from other countries. Now, many cities in the US are facing a recycling crisis.


Photo Credit: Loliware

"Seaweed straw "looks, feels, and acts like plastic," says startup" via Futurism

"“A disposable product that’s built to last for centuries — i.e., a plastic straw — makes no sense,” Saltzman said, “but one that can be composted or safely biodegrades in the ocean, that’s obviously fine.”


Photo Credit: Shutterstock

"EU to ban plastic plates, cups, and cutlery by 2021" via Fast Company

"The countries aren’t stopping there, either: EU member states will also have to reduce the use of plastic food containers and plastic coffee lids."

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  • China doesn’t recycle anything. They have bins out indicating what to put where. People put anything in them. The people that empty the containers dump everything together. It then goes to a landfill. It’s all for show. Look it up on YouTube. Pleanty of proof. Seaweed straws sound great unless you’re allergic to everything in the ocean.

  • I have allergies and feel that the more we work to clean the planet the better off future generations will be – we need to teach people to be responsible about the waste — I love your products

    Christine J Ahrendt

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