Sustainability Roundup: June 2019


From ways to change the world to how it's already being done, here's what we're reading this month in our June 2019 Sustainability Roundup!

Here's what we're reading this month:

UK is Now Safeguarding Ocean Territory Twice the Size of England via Good News Network

"Collectively, the new designations will safeguard 12,000 square kilometers (4600 square miles) of marine habitat – an area that is almost eight times the size of Greater London."


Photo credit: Pascal Rossignol/Reuters

Bill Gates: This is what we need to do to tackle climate change via We Forum

"Wind and solar power generation is expanding around the globe at record rates, allowing more people to get their electricity from clean, renewable sources than ever before. This is great news."


Photo credit: AFP/Getty

‘Like canaries in a coal mine’: Idyllic Australian islands choked with 414 million pieces of plastic pollution via Independent

"A remote island paradise in the Indian Ocean, made up of 27 tiny islets fringed with palm trees and white sand beaches around sparkling lagoons, is rapidly beginning to resemble a rubbish dump due to the huge amount of plastic waste washing ashore, a report has said."


633 divers set world record cleaning ocean floor off Deerfield Beach via Sun-Sentinel

"Another of the estimated 50,000 Guinness World Records has been broken and it happened Saturday when 633 scuba divers scooped up trash from the ocean floor near the Deerfield Beach International Fishing Pier."


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